Even with one novel on the go, I’m always picking away at a bunch of other projects, and this is where you can come to find the most up-to-date information about their progress, such as potential release dates.


Song of the Blackbird 

Sebastian Harkens, a griefstricken violinist, uses the power of his music to keep his wife alive in raven form, incurring Death’s wrath. The first draft of this gothic fantasy novel has been completed and is currently with the first round of readers, and my high expectations for the end product will mean extensive edits to get the tone I want. I recently posted a short unedited version of my introduction on The Raven’s Quill blog.

Song of Wishrock Harbor (The Invisible Entente Series, book 3) – 2016

Shadows in the Garden Hotel (The Invisible Entente Series, book 4) – 2017

Howl of the Fettered Wolf (The Invisible Entente Series, book 5) – 2017

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