Shadows in the Garden Hotel

Death watches from the shadows. One wrong glance will cost your soul

All Allegra Rossi needs is her beauty, expensive champagne, designer clothes, and enough souls to keep her succubus appetites satisfied. Everything seems to be in place until a photo shoot at New Haven's prestigious — and supposedly haunted — Garden Hotel sets her dreams for a perfect life crumbling. Not only has her handsome, charismatic boss captured her interest, threatening the careful restraints she's placed around her succubus nature, but the hotel's reputation turns out to be true. Worse: the specter has targeted Allegra as its next victim If Allegra wants to stay alive and keep her heart intact, she will have to unleash her demonic instincts to shed light into the darkness before the shadows consume her.
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About the Book
Shadows in the Garden Hotel
Series: The Invisible Entente, Book 4
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Raven's Quill Press
Publication Year: 2017
Length: 444
ISBN: 9781544890630
List Price: $17.99USD
eBook Price: $3.99USD
This book was hands down one the best I've read in awhile!
– CountryRune
These stories just keep getting better.....
– Jayelle
This is arguably the best installment in the IE series!
– Arkham_Avenger
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