Howl of the Fettered Wolf

Not all books are created equal. Some can destroy the world.

Centuries ago, a book was written with the power to destroy the otherworld. Vengeance demigoddess Vera Goodall has sworn to protect it, but her vow is put to the test when two unknown enemies make their attack. A tale of love and duty, truth and illusion, friendship and vengeance, this book is sure to grab you by the heart and keep you reading.
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About the Book

For vengeance demigoddess Vera Goodall, balance is everything. Her life revolves around her contracts, her bookshop, and her dogs, and there is no room for anything — or anyone — else. Every aspect of her life is scheduled, and delegation is a four-letter word.

But when someone attempts to steal The Book of the Fettered Wolf, an ancient text with the power to destroy the otherworld, Vera will need to break all her own rules to keep that balance from toppling.

With the help of Gabriel Mulligan, the Gorgon-Fae who threatens the walls she’s built around herself, Vera sets out to protect the book from those who wish to use it. Along the way, she unveils the lies that have created the foundation of her life, and each new revelation blurs the line between friend and enemy.

In the midst of chaos and intrigue, balance becomes a matter of survival. Vera must decide who to trust and how much to open her heart if she wants to protect the otherworld and everything she holds dear.

Howl of the Fettered Wolf
Series: The Invisible Entente, Book 5
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Raven's Quill Press
Publication Year: 2017
Length: 447
ASIN: B073362WD2
ISBN: 1547271868
List Price: $17.99
eBook Price: $3.99
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