Series: Cadis Trilogy, Book 1
Genre: Fantasy
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 430
Venn Connell is bored. When the Andvellian ambassador in Margolin goes missing, she jumps at the chance to find him, but quickly learns the mystery goes deeper than one missing courtier. With border tensions rising, a man vanishing before her eyes with a relic she believed lost, red-clad soldiers out for blood, and something dark following her from the charred ruins of Treevale fortress, Venn becomes a pawn in an unseen game. Forced to confront her past and question her future, Venn knows she has to tread carefully. One wrong move and she could lose herself in the shadows, and hurl her country into war.
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About the Book

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Bloodlore, book 1 of the Cadis Trilogy, picks up the story of Venn Connell. Set five years after the conclusion of the Meratis Trilogy, Venn is coping with the routine of Feldall’s Keep and having a difficult time. After seven years of living on her own, taking contracts, and selling information in exchange for food and shelter, she’s had to adjust quite a bit. When the chance comes up to get out of her rut and take on a small quest, she looks forward to the open road and getting into a bit of new trouble. She hasn’t been out of the Keep more than a day before that trouble finds her, and before the week is out she accepts the game is much more complicated than she realised, and the only way forward is to do the one thing she wants to avoid: look back.

What others are saying:

“Krista gave me a character I didn’t know I was yearning for and I admire her so much for it.”

“I would definitely recommend this book for an adventure/fantasy fan, who appreciates reading a series of books and sink into the world weaved by the author.”

“I can’t wait for the next one!”

“Absolutely AWESOME !!!
Krista’s writing is great anyway, but I loved Bloodlore !!! I am impatiently waiting for the sequel.”

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