I hope that your holidays are full of warmth, love, and good food, and that you were able to ring in the new year on a good note.

I actually managed to take a few vacation days — miracle of miracles — but not before wrapping up the final edits of Gods of the Stone Oracle. All that remains is the proofreading, which means I should be able to hit my goal of making it available before the end of the month.

That is correct — in another few weeks, you’ll be able to hold the finale installment of The Invisible Entente in your hands.

To mark the occasion, I’m starting the #IEAssemble giveaways! Every week from now until release day, I’m going to be giving out a full set of The Invisible Entente series. That’s seven books. Free. And all you need to do to enter is to help me spread some love for the series.

The contest is open across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook*. Use the hashtag #IEAssemble and share the image below for your chance to win. Easy peasy. The image will keep changing week by week, so you might want to follow my social media accounts to grab the new one.

As well, the call for review readers will be going out to my newsletter subscribers on January 15th, so if you’ve reviewed my books in the past, enjoyed them, and want to help get the word out about this new book, be sure to sign up for the “Regular Updates”.

Good luck!

Coming January 2018

*This giveaway is the responsibility solely of the author. No third party is affiliated.

Happy New Year, have a giveaway!