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Cover art: Ravven www.ravven.com
Cover art: Ravven

Sorceress and journalist Daphne Heartstone heads to Peony House, the city’s abandoned hospital, in search of a headline, but what she discovers is a dead body and a clue to a hundred-and-fifty-year-old cold case.

Detective Hunter Avery, the man Daphne loved and lost, warns her away from the case, but the ghosts of Peony House have demanded her help, and her job is on the line if she doesn’t have a story on her editor’s desk for Saturday’s edition.

Daphne has worked hard to escape her past of dark magic and blind ambition, but as she walks the balance between light and dark, she’ll learn how many promises she’s willing to break to protect the people she loves.

“This is a story that builds and builds. It gets better and better the more you read. Lots of mystery and action, twists and turns.”

“I can’t wait to see where this series goes next. Five stars & I highly recommend it!!!”

“A great read that kept me up too late one night. I know better now, start earlier so that I don’t have to wonder how it ends.”

BOOK RELEASE: Death at Peony House, an IE novel
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