Evensong-Cover-V1-lowResWeb[1]With all my focus on Venn and the Cadis Trilogy these days (check back next week for news and updates on that score), I felt Jeff and the gang needed a bit of a hug, so I’ve decided to show them some love.

How? On October 26th, I’m kicking off a four-day sale for both EVENTIDE and EVENLIGHT!

Monday: the books will drop down for 99c for ONE DAY ONLY! This means you can grab the entire trilogy for $1.99

Tuesday: get them at $1.99/ea

Wednesday: get them at $2.99/ea

Thursday: get them at $3.99/ea

They’ll return to their regular price of $4.99 on Friday, so treat yourself or someone around you to a whole new experience and decide for yourselves if reading is just a temporary escape or a sneaky look into someone else’s world.

Meratis on Sale!